ElliptiGO Helps Bypass Patient Get Back to Health

When Ken came into my store last week, he was looking for a low-impact way to get back into a healthy lifestyle. He had recovered from a 4-way bypass surgery done last July and asked for my help. We talked about his goals and I introduced him to the Elliptigo – an elliptical bike that “pedals” like an elliptical machine but moves like a bicycle. He was very intrigued by the Elliptigo as it is easy on the body and beats the boredom of being indoors. Ken left my store left with a big smile and a bright orange Elliptigo, along with a goal of two 2-mile rides a day.

I just heard from Ken and he is well on his way to the healthy lifestyle he wants. His determination, along with a fun exercise machine like the Elliptigo, seems to be a winning combination. Here’s an excerpt from his letter:

Well to be honest, I was not feeling great about my ride today at first. Though I felt like I was on a bike, I noted how it’s a bit more work and found my mind going into the “I’m not sure I can do this for long” way of thinking. Then I remembered that my goal is in fact to do two 2 mile runs per day. So, I hung in there and made it 2.8 miles this evening.

This worked great, I did it in just a few minutes under 30 which for me is fast enough. Mentally, I know I’m gonna have to stay with it in short runs until I get my legs and lungs fully back. The good news is that I was doing 4 miles in an hr 4-5 days a week about two months ago. So, I gotta stay on the wagon. I’ve always been a bit weak minded when it comes to exercise. Naturally, though I felt the familiar surge in energy and feeling great after I finished. It was great meeting you the other day and I appreciate you helping me.

I love it when I can help customers like Ken attain their goals of being fit and healthy!

Fitbit Craze
Over the last 6 months it seems like the pedometer business has increased tremendously. Who would have thought that people would go nuts over a pedometer?
Some people tend to panic when the phrase “working out” is mentioned. I think I have heard it all; “I hate exercising”, “ I can’t do that, I am too clumsy” or my personal favorite “I hate to sweat”. I get that engaging in physical activity isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea..but maybe it can be (and should be). Why? Other than the fact that exercising has extreme benefits to your health such as decreasing risks for MANY diseases, it also increases your chances of longer survival- along with improving the quality of it.
Here is an example how it can be more “bearing”
All of us here at AHF received Fitbits for Christmas (THANK YOU ERIC!!) and let me tell you, I quickly became addicted! I keep checking my steps via my mobile app. (apple and android friendly- we have a slight phone rivalry at the office) Our first week into this and I am noticing that Eric keeps beating us all, so the competitive nature in me makes me want to get more steps. I have been going out of my way to get up and get moving just to get more steps in. We’re slowly transforming this into a friendly competition. (trash talk kept to a minimum). Who knew having a pedometer would be so much fun!
Weather you realize it at the time or not, you become more aware of your fitness by having this little gadget on you. Make a friendly competition between your friends or co-workers. Set goals and incentivize yourself along the way. The results may shock you. SO LET’S GET MOVING :)
Welcome to Our New Store!
We would like to thank you for visiting our new store! As Michigan’s leading supplier of quality home fitness equipment, American Home Fitness has built its business on the success of our customers. We appreciate all of our customers and are thankful for each and every one. Stay tuned for more blog posts!X