Lemond powered by Hoist Fitness

Lemond RevMaster Pro Indoor Cycle

$ 1,499.99

Lemond RevMaster Pro Indoor Cycle
Lemond RevMaster Pro Indoor Cycle

Lemond powered by Hoist Fitness

Lemond RevMaster Pro Indoor Cycle

$ 1,499.99

  • Lemond RevMaster Pro Overview

    The next generation LeMond RevMaster offers you some great upgrades to the classic model. For maximum riding comfort, the new narrower crank design replicates the geometry of a great road bike. New Cam handles and increased adjustment ranges to seat and handlebars create the best custom fit available and gives you greater muscle involvement. The 4-way microfit also lets you cycle in an upright position or pedal stretched out and low, which is ideal for triathletes. Improved corrosion resistance by using electroless nickel plating and a new 2 piece bottom bracket cartridge make the RevMaster Pro even easier to maintain and service - with most components pre-assembled.
  • Features

    NEW Next Generation X-Frame Gives you a better ride and allows easy access to all seat, height and handlebar adjustments. Plus – new Bottom bracket cartridge has a 2 piece design for modular service

    NEW Cam Handles Comfortable and easy to use, offers quicker adjustments without the hassle of pop-pins and threaded handles.

    Improved Corrosion Resistance New electrolytic nickel plating, stronger than stainless.

    Kevlar Belt A Kevlar belt instead of a chain. The result is a smooth and QUIET ride. Our belt never needs to be replaced due to stretch, or oiled like the chain bikes.

    Product Specifications

    Length 42"
    Width 23"
    Height 48"
    Weight 143 lbs

    The RevMaster frame is made using a 17 step
    manufacturing process for quality and durability.


    The RevMaster is manufactured to the most exacting standards - with 100% of all bikes tested prior to final packaging to insure customer satisfaction. This allows us to offer you an exceptional warranty.