Inspire Fitness M1 Multi Gym

$ 1,799.99

Inspire Fitness M1 Multi Gym
Inspire Fitness M1 Multi Gym
Inspire Fitness M1 Multi Gym


Inspire Fitness M1 Multi Gym

$ 1,799.99

  • The Ultimate Cable Gym

    It's all about freedom! The M1 is the ultimate cable gym. What's so great about cables? A lot. All six pull points on the M1 require the user to balance the weight as exercises are performed. This builds coordination as stabilizer muscles are recruited for balance. The freedom of cable resistance also allows for greater range of motion, further increasing muscle fiber involvement and improving results.

    If you are looking for a sculpted body in record time, look no further. The M1 is the answer.

    • Six pull points offer 50% resistance for functional training capabilities
    • Telescoping seat allows for seated and lying chest exercises
    • Space forward design makes the M1 perfect for any corner in your home
    • Stable 5 point floor contact with adjustable rear feet
    • Swivel high, mid and low pulleys provide unlimited number of cable exercises
  • Frame: Heavy-duty round tubular steel

    Powder Coated Finish: An electrostatic powder coat offers a durable, maintenance free finish

    Weight Stack Shroud: There are four standard color choices of shrouds to match the decor of your home

    Weight Stack: 160 lb. commercial weight stack with solid guide rods and center drilled weight plates

    Accessories: Two pairs of D Handles; One pair of Multi-Ring D Handles; Ankle Strap

    Options Available: Abdominal Bar; 48" Aluminum Revolving Lat Bar; 50 lb. weight stack upgrade; 5 lb. add-on weight

    Dimensions: 34" W x 74" L x 84" H

  • Warranty:

    Multi-Gyms have a (Residential) Lifetime Limited Warranty and a 10 year Light- Commercial Warranty. Visit your local store for details.