Inspire Fitness M3 Home gym

$ 3,499.99 $ 2,999.99

Inspire Fitness M3 Home gym
Inspire Fitness M3 Home gym
Inspire Fitness M3 Home gym


Inspire Fitness M3 Home gym

$ 3,499.99 $ 2,999.99

  • Inspire M3 Home Gym Overview

    This award winning gym features a commercial quality abdominal crunch station built right into its head pad. A seated curl station for shaping glutes and strengthening hamstring muscles. The new 2014 model features iso-lateral press arms and high pull that give the user greater freedom of movement. Each side of the on's body is responsible for exactly 50% of the load, which in turn improves muscle balance and coordination as well as develops the user's core stabilizer muscles in the mid-section. A patented dual back pad tilt gives you superior fit and comfort. The M3 is visually inspiring and compact enough to fit on a 4x6 mat. The frame is constructed of commercial 11 gauge steel, nylon pulleys, 2000 lb tensile strength cables, and precision ball bearings in its press arm pivot. It also comes standard with a 210 lb weight stack for even the most serious lifters. Inspire Fitness believes to never submit to fashion over function; however, they've decided that there is nothing wrong with having both. The M3 has it all and will help you obtain a body you never thought possible.

  • Frame

    Heavy-duty 2"x4" oval and 3" round 11 gauge tubular steel.

    Powder Coated Finish

    The Electrostatic Powder Coat offers a durable, maintenance free finish.

    Pivot Points

    The bench press pivot points have 1-1/2" Precision Steel Ball Bearings. All other parts pivot on Oil Impregnated Brass Bushings to ensure a smooth and fluid motion with No Maintenance.

    Orthopedic Seats and Canvas Weight Stack Shroud

    The Color Coordinated Orthopedic Seat Pads offer Adjustable Support for Ultimate Body Comfort. The Weight Stack Shroud is constructed of a Heavy-Duty Canvas. There are four standard color choices in the Orthopedic Seat Pads and Canvas Weight Stack Shrouds to match the decor of your home! The color choices are Black, Tan, Burgundy, and Navy. Custom Canvas Weight Stack Shroud Available!

    Weight Stack

    215 LB. Commercial Weight Stack with Solid Guide Rods and Center Drilled Weights.


    48" Aluminum Revolving Lat Bar, Aluminum Revolving Easy Curl Bar, Strap Handles with revolving grips, and Ankle Strap.

    Options Available

    Leg Press and Abdominal Bar.


    M3 Footprint: Top Beam Down Length 72" x Width 40" x Height 78" Top Beam Up Height 81"

    M3 Footprint with optional Leg Press: Top Beam Down Length 72" x Width 67" .x Height 78" Top Beam Up Height 81".

  • Warranty Inspire (Health In Motion LLC.)

    Multi-Gyms have a (Residential) Lifetime Limited Warranty and a 10 year Light-Commercial Warranty. Visit your local dealer for details.