Lemond powered by Hoist Fitness

Lemond RevMaster Sport

$ 999.99

Lemond RevMaster Sport
Lemond RevMaster Sport

Lemond powered by Hoist Fitness

Lemond RevMaster Sport

$ 999.99

  • Lemond RevMaster Sport Overview

    The RevMaster Sport combines the high quality features of the original Lemond RevMaster with the traditional handlebar - making it our most affordable model. Not only does the RevMaster Sport give you a terrific workout, it's fun to ride - with easy adjustments to the seat and handlebars to make your workout comfortable and effective.
  • Features

    Belt The RevMaster Sport uses a smooth Kevlar belt instead of a chain. The result - a smooth and QUIET!! ride. Never needs to be replaced due to stretch, or oiled like the chain bikes do.

    Cranks Designed to withstand greater force loads than conventional bikes, the LeMond RevMaster Sport features an exceptionally strong custom BMX bottom bracket and cranks for exceptional product durability.

    Frame This frame is more stable andallows fast, easy access to all seat, handlebar & height adjustments. This creates a comfortable, high performance custom fit for all users! Steel main frame undergoes a 17-step rust inhibitor process prior to durable powder coat process.

    Classic Handlebars (not original style handlebars) Traditional handlebar design which allows multiple hand positions and ease of use - does not accept Lemond RevMaster Pilot.

    Product Specifications

    Length 41.5"
    Width 22.25"
    Height 38"
    Weight 110 lbs

    The RevMaster frame is made using a 17 step
    manufacturing process for quality and durability.


    The RevMaster is manufactured to the most exacting standards - with 100% of all bikes tested prior to final packaging to insure customer satisfaction. This allows us to offer you an exceptional warranty.