Octane Fitness

Octane Lateral X

$ 7,899.99 $ 7,599.99

Octane Lateral X
Octane Lateral X
Octane Lateral X
Octane Lateral X

Octane Fitness

Octane Lateral X

$ 7,899.99 $ 7,599.99

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  • Quite simply, there is nothing like Octane’s multiple award-winning LateralX, which is a complete reinvention of cross training, with adjustable, lateral movement combined with a vertical stepping motion in multiple planes. Exercisers can move up and down, forward and back and side to side – for valuable muscle confusion and conditioning – all on one machine. Studies show that exercisers burn 27% more calories and use 30% more of the inner and outer thighs on the LateralX going from the lowest to greatest lateral width setting.

    Plus, a variety or workouts, such as Lateral Interval and Dual Direction, along with unique Workout Boosters like ThighToner and QuadPower, deliver highly effective, targeted and motivating workouts. Every member in your club will rave about this one-of-a-kind machine.

  • Two console options; Standard or Touch Screen

    Standard Console Features

    • Large LED display with message center
    • Simultaneously displays essential workout data
    • Adjustable 3-D motion
    • 10 lateral width adjustments
    • 13 workout programs and 30 resistance levels
    • Wireless heart rate ready
    • Digital contact heart rate sensors
    • 3-speed console fan
    • Self-powered
    • Add on options: Personal Viewing Screens and Wireless 900Mhz

    Touch Screen Console Feature

    • 15″ widescreen, Intel® Atom® processor with touch screen navigation
    • Split screen feedback that simultaneously displays entertainment and live workout stats
    • Instructional CROSS CiRCUIT and Booster videos
    • Select your workout view from heart rate, bar chart, track view and interactive Booster view
    • Polar® and ANT+® wireless heart rate
    • 3-speed console fan

    Tech Specs

    Electronic stride adjustable: Lateral Width

    Resistance levels: 30

    Max user weight: 400 lbs

    Footprint: 42" x 63" (106 x 160 cm)

    Product weight: 388 lbs (176 Kg)

  • Parts: 3 Years

    Labor: 1 Year